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Published by: Judy Daus on 30-Apr-17

I am asked this question by many internet marketers.

So, here is what I do.

  1. Wake up in a good mood!
  2. Turn on coffee 
  3. Stretching---this is a must everyday, especially
    if I am going to be working on the computer
    for a few hours.
  4. Browse business emails ( I like the ones that 
    say---you have money or you have a new 
  5. Answer any questions that came in
  6. Prepare work area with pad and pen to be
    ready for Affiliate Funnel Webinar.
  7. At 11:45 I am logging into the webinar and
    placing my guess as to how many members
    will be attending.  I was right on the money
    April 29!  The prizes are credits, solos, to TE's
    and TAE.
  8. At noon EST, the webinar begins and they are
    always lively and interactive and most impor-
    tantly informative and educational.
  9. Go to sites I was given credits and solos from
    webinar and enter promo code. **There are special
    codes for first timers!!!!

  10. No active advertising today.  Maybe go to sites that
    have solos and mailers that can be scheduled.
  11. Check new sites I have joined and make sure I 
    filled in downline builders.
  12. There are favorite sites I read mail from and I have
    to admit I like seeing my picture or name in the
    jackpot section.  This is a good way of "getting to
    know" other marketers.
  13. Finished by 2pm EST and doing stuff around 
    house or anything else that has to be done or
    that I want to do.
  14. Later in the evening I work on autoresponder and
    my mailer and TAE sites.  Read emails, etc.

A lot of information (but many have asked) here and the
take aways are:

  1. Go to the webinar...register and be there Sat at
    noon EST.  Here is the link again:
  2. Take a break for a number of hours on Sat.  especially
    when the weather is nice!

To your success,

Judy A Daus

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